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Tatawaw Kanata Glamping and Wellness


Unplug, unwind, indulge and rejuvenate are words more associated with health and wellness spas than they are with camping. But we’re changing all that with a brand new Okanagan experience – a whole new way of glamping, or luxury camping.


Tatawaw (meaning ‘welcome we have room’ in Cree) and Kanata (meaning ‘it is pure and clean’) combine to create a unique experience in Tatawaw Kanata Glamping and Wellness. Western Canada’s beauty and wildlife will be on full display together with an immersive experience of First Nations Culture along with the history of European and Asian expansion.


A North Okanagan site has been selected and talks are currently underway with various property owners and government agencies. 


Investors are currently being sought for what will be a quick return on investment as this will be the first of its kind in the BC Interior. Glamping is gaining popularity in other parts of Canada and the U.S. 


Tatawaw Kanata Glamping and Wellness was incorporated in the spring of 2019 and consists of Roger Lamoureaux, an entrepreneur with years of experience in sales, marketing, administration, management and training. Partner Brigitte Thom, a Swiss national who, prior to coming to Canada, was part owner of a 5-star restaurant specializing in high-end weddings. Her background has given her invaluable knowledge of the hospitality and resort management industry, as well as strong skills in various wellness practises.


Tatawaw Kanata Glamping and Wellness will accommodate, facilitate and promote relaxation, health and wellness, local activities and adventures, and First Nations stories including the history of each of the regions and tribes. This first-class travel destination will also offer local farm-to-table food and culinary experiences of the highest level, while promoting local artisans and craftspeople.


Along with the main, central location, Tatawaw Kanata will launch and operate three or four satellite locations to further enhance and expand on the experience.


With the Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa already drawing visitors to the North Okanagan from all over the world, the time is ripe for Tatawaw Kanata Glamping and Wellness. 

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